Get the most out of your Directory Profile

This exciting and valuable new member benefit is different from any other directories we’ve had in the past. It is a dynamic tool which facilitates your connecting with other professionals, and is an important new means for promoting your clinical practice or business! Update your profile to maximize your visibility.

directory profile search

First, there are primarily four different ways to search the directory: by state, by country, by specialty, or by keyword.

Also available is an advanced search which will incorporate most of the various profile fields.

The front-end of the directory listing has several important aspects of your profile displayed. In addition to your name, degree, licensure and/or certifications, your business name, city, state, country and zip code are included. Then, a web page URL can be included, as well as the specialties you select. Finally, you can upload an image that can be your picture or company logo.


directory profile search front end
directory profile search individual view

Once the viewer clicks on your profile, it opens to even more detailed and helpful information. You can list how long you have been practicing Neurofeedback. Additionally, you can create a free-form profile narrative of up to 3000 characters (about 500 words) to provide more in-depth information about important aspects of what you have to offer.


Another really exciting feature is the “Send Message” button at the top of your profile details page. When the user clicks this button, they can send you a direct message, right then, while viewing your profile. Your email and phone number are also listed as an alternative contact method; so, whichever is easiest for the consumer or fellow professional, the directory makes it easy for them to reach you.

directory profile search individual view contact

You control what information is viewed (or not) through your profile privacy settings. You can block any field from being visible.

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