Statement on Human Rights

ISNR and its members are committed to the protection of human rights and adhere to the understanding and application of diversity and social injustice. On an individual level, ISNR recognizes that we may each hold cultural biases and beliefs that can detrimentally influence our perceptions of and interactions with diverse individuals. Therefore, ISNR members are encouraged to recognize the importance of multicultural sensitivity/responsiveness to, knowledge of, and understanding of creating culturally responsive and ethical care in clinical and other biofeedback practices. On a systemic level, ISNR membership requires individuals to consistently maintain standards of professional conduct and pursue practice at the highest level of professional ethics. As stated in the Code of Ethics, “ISNR members do not discriminate against or refuse services to anyone on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, disability, or national origin.” The ISNR Ethics Committee is responsible for maintaining this standard. On an international level, ISNR aims to bring together diverse communities around the world. By partnering with local organizations, creating global conferences & discussion groups, and providing financial assistance to those who need it, ISNR strives to create international collaboration. These opportunities for members to learn from a variety of cultures helps us build a more diverse and inclusive community worldwide. ISNR is committed to actively become more inclusive and diverse in all aspects. This is why we are committing to providing opportunities for our members to regularly engage in professional reading and education (both online and face to face) on inclusivity and diversity, keeping up to date on current standards and research. This requires all of us to stand together and united in our efforts to achieve this goal. This statement was ratified by the ISNR Board of Directors on August 9, 2020.
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