2020 Conference

2020: Visualizing Neurological Decision (Plenary)

Presented by Ronald Bonstetter, PhD; Thomas Collura, PhD: While neuroscience and mental health professionals acknowledge the role of emotions in decision-making, application of this knowledge is hampered by the lack of a common language and a model that illustrates the potential neurological pathways. By better understanding the brain’s decision-making process and the role of emotions … Read more

2020: Using ERPs and ICA in Clinical Practice (Plenary)

Presented by Nicholas Dogris: For over 30 years scientists have been examining electrical potentials that are timed locked to a specific event for the purpose of understanding human cognition. Since that time numerous observations have been made that help to unlock the mysteries of the brain. The addition of the adaptive mixture independent component analysis … Read more

2020: The Role of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Presented by Mirjana Askovic, PhD: STARTTS Neurofeedback Clinic was established in Sydney in 2007 to help refugees from war and victims of torture alleviate symptoms of PTSD through addressing the underlying neurobiological consequences of chronic trauma. After more than a decade of using neurofeedback within STARTTS bio-psycho-social model of care, we’ve developed a program that … Read more

2020: The Reality of the Unreal-Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders (Plenary)

Presented by Ainat Rogel, PhD, MSW; Diana Martinez, MD, PhD: Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders (DD) are among of the most overlooked conditions and challenging therapies, despite their high prevalence. The nature of the symptoms, the fact that the symptoms often accompany many other disorders, and are often misdiagnosed are some of the reasons for these … Read more

2020: Stress and Stress-Activated Viruses in Public Health, Mental Health and Anticipatory Pathology (Keynote)

Presented by Roulett William Smith, PhD: Processes of evolution are among the most awesome developments during the 4.5+ billion years associated with the existence of this Earth. Among the many forces contributing to evolution are climate, tectonic plate movements and stresses on evolved group behaviors (including common sense). This presentation will focus on the potential … Read more

2020: Special Panel Moderated by International Member at Large (Plenary)

Moderated by: Tanya Morosoli, ABBIO, ANSA, SNBM In order to grow the field of neuroregulation, we need to collaborate with colleagues from around the globe. The leaders of our affiliate organizations will introduce themselves and their organization. They will also speak to how their collaboration with us is helping the field in their own regions.

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