2014 Conference

2014: The Challenges of Running the “Perfect” EEG: A Hands On Workshop

Obtaining a technically satisfactory EEG can present many challenges. This workshop, presented by a Registered EEG Technologist (ABRET) and the inventor of ECI Electro-Cap, will teach practical application tips for obtaining the highest quality EEG possible. Emphasis is on the practical with hands on demonstrations of quick and easy electrode cap application, how to easily … Read more

2014: Successful Treatment of 25 Consecutive Clients with Post-Concussion Syndrome using Neurofeedback (Plenary)

In 2013, the National Football League agreed to a $765 million settlement to pay for pro football player post-concussion brain injuries. It is now recognized that all head injuries can have delayed, sometimes decades of delay, impact on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning. Currently, head injuries from all sports activities, traffic accidents, and military service … Read more

2014: Neurofeedback 101 – The Basics

For many people—though they are intrigued with the brain, they often find the concept of neurofeedback challenging. How does it really work? Can it actually change the brain and how does it do that? What actually changes? And far more. Then, there’s all the unasked questions. Could neurofeedback create any harm? Are there times it … Read more

2014: Heart Rate Variability

This 15-contact-hour workshop is designed for biofeedback/neurofeedback practitioners, psychologists, clinical counselors, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals and academicians interested in utilizing heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback in their practice or research. This workshop will cover all 15 hours of the BCIA HRV Biofeedback Certificate of Completion … Read more

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