Mark S Jones

Message from Incoming President, Dr. Mark Jones

The theme of my term as president of ISNR is “The R in ISNR.” Research is the life blood of our field—and is the assurance of our future. So much depends on a solid foundation of research: increasing acceptance of the efficacy of our treatment and training approaches, insurance reimbursement at a viable rate, and the confidence that clinicians can have in the protocols we select. There are so many ways that we can learn about what works best. One idea whose time has come (again) is to develop collaborative ways to share data across sites and practices. The wide variety of approaches in our field gives us many tools. Let’s join forces to demonstrate what neurofeedback and neurotherapy has to offer! And, our partner in research—The Foundation for Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation Research (FNNR)—was established to promote research in our field. FNNR has served us well in encouraging students to embark on research projects—including many of my own at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I look to the brilliant minds on the FNNR board to wisely guide us.

Your ISNR board is an amazing group in and of itself! You can learn about each one on the newly revamped ISNR website Let me mention our new president-elect Tanya Morosoli, who is moving from International Member-at-Large to this position. Given that the membership of ISNR now spans 37 countries, Tanya’s depth of knowledge and experience in fostering international participation is a treasure and bodes well for our future.

Another treasure for our organization is Susan Alvarez, our Executive Director. I’ve known Susan for many years and am so pleased at how she has grown into the position to become a competent and natural leader. Susan will be a trusted companion as we work together in the mission of ISNR.
Thank you, Ainat, for your leadership this past year as president. It’s been a pleasure to serve with you. I intend to foster the many ongoing contributions you’ve made. One initiative in particular that is close to my heart is the work of the Neuroregulation Guidelines Committee under the leadership of Michael Trayford. Updating our standard of practice document to encompass the expansive growth of technology and approaches in our field is vital—as it informs our best practices.

I look forward to your feedback and participation in ISNR and seeing you in person or online at our various webinar and conference offerings!

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