ISNR Board Member Transition, Advisory Board and International Advisory Board Introduction

To view the current ISNR Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and International Advisory Board, please visit THIS LINK.

Please join us in welcoming the incoming ISNR BOARD MEMBERS whose term started as of September 1, 2020:

Leslie Sherlin, PhD, ISNR President.

Ainat Rogel, PhD, previously ISNR Secretary, President Elect.

Nicholas J. Colosi, M.D., Treasurer.

Ruben Perez, Secretary.

Dick Genardi, PhD, Member-at-Large

Robert Turner, MD, Member-at-Large

Robert Longo represents one vote from the Advisory Board

Martha Mack, ANSA, represents one vote from the International Advisory Board

When Board members terms end, directors are given the option to continue to provide advice and guidance by becoming a member of the Advisory Board.  Currently, the Advisory Board consists of David Cantor, PhD, Roger deBeus, PhD, Robert Longo, MRC, Tato Sokhadze, PhD, and Nancy Wigton, PhD.  The Advisory Board holds one vote on the Board of Directors.

In an effort to bring more of the “international” element to ISNR, we have focused on expanding communications and involvement with international societies.  ISNR has added an “INTERNATIONAL” tab to our website which outlines our International Affiliates and provides links to the corresponding websites.  Please take a moment to visit it at THIS LINK.

Each of these international affiliates is part of ISNR’s INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD (IAB).  The IAB holds one vote on the Board of Directors.

Please join us in welcoming the new Board Members, Advisory Board Members, and International Advisory Board Members.

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