ISNR’s Making a Difference Award

SNR welcomes nominations for this award at any time. Please email nominations to [email protected].

ISNR would like to acknowledge neuromodulation providers that deliver neuromodulation to under-served populations. These populations may include, but are not limited to the following: homeless, substance abuse, developing countries, veterans, and any population that has not benefited from traditional medical/therapeutic interventions.


  1. The provider does not need to be a member of ISNR.
  2. The provider must hold a license to practice in their current place of employment.
  3. Someone other than the provider must make the nomination.
  4. Ideally, the provider has given neuromodulation services pro bono, but other scenarios will be considered.
  5. The provider and/or the person nominating them is willing to share how they determined the relative need, the experience the provider had of administering these services, and the impacts it has made with these populations.
  6. Limited to one award per month.
  7. Nominations will be accepted on an ongoing basis.


  1. Free ISNR membership for one year.
  2. Write up of the work in the ISNR monthly newsletter.
  3. Acknowledgment at the ISNR Annual Conference.
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