Silvia Costales

Letter from Silvia Costales

September 26, 2018
Author – Silvia Costales, MFT. BCN

My two years of service as member-at-large on the ISNR board of directors are almost up. Board service is a great way to feel more a part of the neurofeedback community. It has afforded me the privilege of meeting many more of my fellow practitioners than I would have otherwise. I’ve had deep conversations with a number of the godmothers and fathers of this field whose shoulders I feel I stand on every day in my practice.

I’ve also come to understand that in a lot of ways this field is still very much in its infancy, and remains small despite its many many different and diverse branches. This means both that 1. the field is young and vulnerable and like a child, has great need of generous feeding, direction, support, and even protection in order to grow and develop in healthy ways, and 2. it presents an opportunity for almost anyone to get involved and play an important part.

My fellow board members, and other leaders I met from our other sister organizations, scientists, and vendors alike are a friendly and accessible bunch, united in their enthusiasm for the power and potential of neurofeedback. There are a lot of very humble souls in that crowd too, who you may not know or ever even hear about, who give extremely generously of their time and energy to tend to that child and to whom the field owes a great debt of gratitude.
Mine has only been a small contribution but more than anything else that is what board service is about. It’s about *service*, and that’s why you meet giving and generous people when you are on the board, volunteer, or join a committee.

In closing I want to thank the members of ISNR for making me your representative during this time. It has been an honor to serve you. And, if you love this field as I do, I encourage you to consider making your contribution. Get involved, join a committee (or form one!), be a part of this community, and help bring neurofeedback to more people.

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