Working together to set the story straight about neurofeedback

August 7, 2018 | Author- Silvia Costales, MFT. BCN

Dear members,

I’m happy to inform you that a water-tight article composed by our awesome members Ed Pigott, Rex Cannon, and Mark Trullinger has just been published, putting to bed once and for all the false claims made repeatedly by Thibault and colleagues that ‘neurofeedback is no better than placebo’.

Even better, ISNR joined forces with BCIA and AAPB in order to make this article open-access and widely available to all!

You can now read “The Fallacy of Sham-Controlled Neurofeedback Trials: A Reply to Thibault and Colleagues (2018)”, published in the Journal of Attention Disorders, here:

Silvia Costales, MFT. BCN
ISNR Board of Directors

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