Conference Updates- July

July 12, 2018 | Author – Noel Ford, M.A., ISNR Conference Chair

Hello all, it’s your conference chair again, here to update you about how the conference planning is going and what you should be getting excited about for October in Glendale this year!

As the end of June approaches, our annual conference is right around the corner. We are so excited about this year’s content. TSEC and I are leading the charge in planning, with the support of the ISNR Board of Directors.

Our hope is to provide compelling content and engaging experiences that leave you feeling energized as you return to your clients, labs, and students. We know this is the way to grow our field and maximize the ripple effect of our annual conference.

Conference Updates
The conference would not be possible without our generous sponsors and we are fortunate enough to have six sponsors again this year! Please make sure to check out their booths in the exhibit hall, take advantage of their small group discussions, and consider their workshops on Sunday afternoon. These opportunities give you the best chance to interact with the sponsors and ask all your most-pressing questions.

Platinum Sponsor

BrainMaster Technologies continues to be our biggest supporter in 2018. We’re looking forward to enjoying their reception on Friday, it’s always a fun time for the membership.

Gold Sponsors

Applied Neuroscience is our new Gold Sponsor this year and they have also committed to putting on an Exhibitor Demonstration for the membership. Make sure to check it out!

Deymed Diagnostic has now committed to continuing their generous sponsorship and we look forward to their contributions at this year’s conference.

Silver Sponsors

Thought Technology was the first of all the sponsors to commit to this year’s conference.

Stens Corporation has also pledged its support for our organization and we look forward to seeing them in the exhibit hall.

Vielight, Inc. has continued their support of ISNR this year as a Silver Sponsor for the second year in a row and will also be putting on an Exhibitor Demonstration at the conference this year. Make sure to check it out!

NewMind Technologies has not only committed to being a Silver Sponsor for the second year in a row, they are also proving sponsorship with the hotel keycards this year.

More Sponsorship Opportunities
This year we wanted to increase the number of smaller, individual sponsorship opportunities in an effort to increase the presence of multiple businesses within our field. Since our full sponsorship opportunities are already claimed for 2018, please consider a smaller opportunity like the conference bag logos, coffee station within exhibit hall, or conference WiFi to name a few. You can check out all the sponsorship opportunities here.

The registration process for the exhibitors has also moved to an online format and it is now open for all to register as exhibitors. This year, attendees will be able to enjoy meals and breaks in the exhibit hall, thus providing more foot traffic and opportunities for interaction with exhibitors. We are excited about this year’s U-shaped exhibit hall layout designed to increase visibility of exhibit booths and bring more traffic to the exhibitors. See the floor plan in the attached Sponsor and Exhibitor Information document. We are expecting over 500 top professionals in the field to attend this year’s conference!

Conference Schedule
The official conference schedule will be posted in July, but I am happy to announce that we have 6 Keynote and Invited speakers confirmed. These speakers will be discussing many relevant topics for both our ISNR membership and to the general population at large, like pain management.

  • Susan Blank

    • Comprehensive Assessment and Outpatient Treatment of Addiction using Neurofeedback and a Functional Medicine Approach

  • Melissa Day

    • Mindfulness In The Management Of Pain.

  • Emeran Mayer

    • The Connection Between The Gut And The Brain and The Implications For Our Health.

  • Dirk DeRidder

    • The Central Brain Mechanisms of Pain and the Neuromodulation Techniques For Addressing It.

  • Marc Lewis

    • The Neuroscience of Addiction

  • Mark Trullinger

    • Update On The Work Towards CPT Codes and Third-Party Reimbursement

At the request of the membership, we extended our submission deadline and are excited to announce that we had a large number of speaker submissions. On the bright side, we will have top quality presentations each morning. Unfortunately, we do not have enough hours in one conference to hear all sixty-minute presentations. We encourage anyone who did not get selected to present at the conference to submit the talk as an article instead for our Journal of Neuroregulation.

Conference Registration + Hotel
Good news, the registration for the conference this year is now live! Please take advantage of the Early Bird pricing and make sure to register before July 29, 2018.

If you had trouble booking your hotel when registration first opened, please take a moment to try again. There was a small glitch on the hotel’s end that prevented some registrants from completing their hotel booking but this issue is resolved now.

If you’re a football fan, you should note that there is a Cardinals home game on Thursday night. This may impact your travel on Thursday and hotel rooms will go fast in the area. As the conference approaches, you can check out all the events happening at or near Westgate Entertainment District here.

Engaging Inclusivity
In the last newsletter, I mentioned that one of my responsibilities as Conference Chair is to promote our field as a whole, which means bringing individuals who have fissured for one reason or another back into the ISNR activities. As we plan this year’s conference, we continue to strive for ways to promote inclusivity and depth within or field.  If you have suggestions on how to bring our field closer together and to increase the cohesion of all professionals in our field, please don’t hesitate to email me your suggestions ([email protected]).  If it’s been a while since you’ve attended ISNR, this is your year to join in the fun.

We’ve Moved…

To accommodate the organization’s growing needs, we have decided to move our office to a new location.

2146 Rosewell RoadSuite

Suite 108, PMB 736

Marietta, GA 30062


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