“What is Neurofeedback?” Available in PowerPoint and Prezzi

May 19, 2018

The ISNR BoD is pleased to announce the publication of “What is Neurofeedback” in both PowerPoint and Prezi formats.  What is Neurofeedback is designed to educate the public as well as potential clients/patients about Neurofeedback and its benefits. The presentations are geared towards the layperson and describe neurofeedback in easy to read and understand language. These education tools can be set up to run on an office computer, website, and/or or printed out into a booklet format. We invited you to review and download them at the links below:

Link for the Windows version:


Link for the Mac version:


Download the Powerpoint version HERE 

Please note: This file is locked from editing.  When you open it, simply choose “Read-Only” to view the file.

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