Conference Gearing Up

2018 Conference Gearing Up

March 10, 2018
ISNR’s Conference Planning Committee is already gearing up for this year’s annual conference, which returns to the Valley of the Sun in Glendale, Arizona for 2018. As previously announced, Noel Ford is the new conference chairperson, replacing Dan Williams, who served as chairperson for the past 4 years. Noel is an experienced neurofeedback and biofeedback clinician, providing care, mentoring and consulting services. She has also served as Adjunct Faculty at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) for the past nine years and has been on the conference planning committee since 2011. She looks forward to bringing her experience to the chairperson position and is hoping to incorporate ISNR Members’ feedback from past conferences wherever possible in the planning process.

Another change for 2018, ISNR has selected a new professional conference planning company, The Special Event Company (TSEC) to facilitate this year’s annual conference. The TSEC group is based in Raleigh, NC, but they specialize in strategic event planning and management solutions worldwide. Having enjoyed over 30 years in the industry, TSEC was recently named to the annual list of Top 50 Global Event Companies.

TSEC has a special team of experienced and certified meeting planners who have been assigned to partner with ISNR to cover all the bases. Below is a list of TSEC team members and their responsibilities. ISNR members and conference attendees should feel comfortable to communicate directly with TSEC team members in preparation to attend the conference and while onsite in Arizona.

Amber Caudle, CMP, CSEP is the Senior Program Manager and she will work closely with Noel Ford throughout the planning process by supervising the planning timeline, managing new and existing vendor contracts, and maintaining the program budget. She will oversee production and banquets staff onsite. You can field any and all questions through her and she will communicate any needs to the internal team and external vendors.

Whitney Freberg, CMP is the Program Manager and she will serve as the main point of contact for registration of sponsors, attendees and speakers. She will assist with hotel needs and verify that all sponsor agreements are fulfilled. In addition, she will coordinate with Amedco to ensure that we meet requirements for attendees to receive their CE credits, as well as oversee registration onsite.

Lauryn Amick is the Program Coordinator and she will serve in a supporting role to both Whitney and Amber. She will source external vendors, recommend menu selections, assist with registration, and help develop and execute a cohesive theme throughout the program.

Stacey Philips Webb is the Production Manager and she will coordinate with the production provider to manage any and all AV needs. In addition, she will provide speaker management services by collecting speaker presentations, materials, and requirements prior to the conference. While onsite, she will assist with speaker preparation and management.

View the Conference page HERE

We’ve Moved…

To accommodate the organization’s growing needs, we have decided to move our office to a new location.

2146 Roswell Road

Suite 108, PMB 736

Marietta, GA 30062


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