Student Membership Gift

Student Membership Gift

Dear students,

ISNR has been fortunate to have received generous donations for our student fund. As a result, we are pleased to be able to make this special offer to students in the neurofeedback community.

On a first-come first-served basis, ISNR is gifting student memberships to up to 100 students. Additionally, for those who know they will attend the 2018 conference, ISNR is gifting up to 50 bundled 2018 student membership/student conference registrations.

In order to qualify, each student must specifically request either the student bundle offer or the student membership offer by emailing the Executive Administrator, Susan Alvarez at [email protected].

The following applies in order to qualify for the student affiliate membership:

Provide a letter from a university that indicates enrollment in a full-time degree program for 2018.

Student IDs, class schedules or registration documents will not be accepted as proof of full-time student status.

Continuing education coursework taken to acquire or improve job skills along with part-time students do not qualify for an ISNR student affiliate membership.

Once a student has acquired his/her Ph.D., he/she no longer qualifies for a student membership, but rather an Early Professional membership level.

One exception will be made for ISNR Student Affiliate Membership: a part-time undergraduate and/or graduate student with a medical disability that is unable to take a full course load. In this case a letter or email from the school’s Office of Disability Services can validate the student’s status [students that fall into this category include military veterans as well as students with a 504 plan].

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the gifted student memberships or bundle offers will only be processed upon receipt of the required proof of accepted student status.

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