membership matter

Does membership matter?

Yes – Membership Matters!

Each year it is important to remember the tangible and intangible member benefits and this year is no exception. The member benefits listed below provides an excellent value and reason to join and/or renew.

Perhaps the most important aspect of membership is that you get to participate in creating an impressive community of neurofeedback peers and colleagues. Our unity not only benefits us within the field on the level of shared resources, learning, networking, and best practices—our unity makes a big difference in terms of how our field is represented in the professional community around us, where neurofeedback is still underrepresented, and yet stands to help so many people.

In short, membership allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself. When you join ISNR you become an integral part of a network of like-minded individuals for the overall benefit and growth of the field in which we all care so deeply.

Important benefits for members include:

  • Membership Directory– promote your business with our new directory that is searchable by keyword, specialty, or geographic region; you can include a photo or logo as well as your website URL.

  • Increase your knowledge with included member-only access to 6 years of conference videos (from 2008 to 2013).

  • Reduced price (40% discount!) on ISNR “What is Neurofeedback” brochures (in English and Spanish)–now is a great time to stock up at the ISNR store.

  • Reduced price (50% discount!) on ISNR Conference videos. We’ve gone digital and provide online streaming format for conference videos. Go to to see what’s available!

  • Reduced rates at the ISNR annual conference and all our educational offerings which now for the first time include webinars (both live and recorded).

  • Voting rights; only members (except student affiliates) have a voice and vote in ISNR elections.

  • Access to the ISNR members-only group Listserve

  • Membership newsletter—get the insider news information which is provided to members only in the monthly ISNR E-News.

  • Membership certificate, suitable for framing.

  • Digital membership seal for proud display on your website.

Our first webinar ever, which ran in August is now available at This webinar featured Sebern Fisher and had rave reviews. Stayed tuned for upcoming offerings in 2018.

Webinars, a new member directory, conference streaming, and 2 additional years of free conference videos (2012 & 2013) were all new services that ISNR rolled out in 2017. We are working hard to create even more member value in 2018.

We are already working on an insurance negotiation resource page to point members to information and strategies related to insurance reimbursement for neurofeedback services.



Please Take your Place and Join/Renew Today –

This is YOUR organization!

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