Don't Throw Neurofeedback

Letter to the New York Times Editor (submitted for publication)

This morning the ISNR sent two letters to the New York Times editors. What follows is the letter sent to the Letters Editor of The New York Times. Please note, while it may seem brief, this is due to the 175-word limit to qualify the letter for publication:

Dear Letter Editor,

Don’t throw neurofeedback under the bus.

We were extremely disappointed to read your piece entitled, “Betsy DeVos Invests in a Therapy Under Scrutiny”.

While we have no comment regarding either DeVos nor Neurocore, we do wish to strongly implore you to refrain from misrepresenting our important and valuable field.

Tens of thousands of Americans have already benefited greatly from this effective, widely practiced, and yes, proven intervention.

Neurofeedback has a history going back nearly fifty years. We estimate that over 15,000 clinicians, world-wide are using this technology. The mountain of scientific research backing it is growing rapidly. Contrary to your article, there is ample solid evidence of efficacy for a wide range of mental health or neurological conditions, including ADHD and autism.

The real fallout from such coverage is that ordinary Americans seeking care aren’t even aware that effective options like neurofeedback exist. Consider the ethical implications: you could, for example, be effectively delaying or denying recovery to a veteran with PTSD, or football player with a brain injury.

For more information, please see

Respectfully Yours,

The ISNR Board of Directors
International Society for Neurofeedback and Research
Susan Alvarez
Executive Administrator
International Society for
Neurofeedback and Research
13876 SW 56th Street, PMB 311
Miami, Florida 33175
Office: (703) 848-1994
Fax: (703) 738-7341

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