Overview of Neurofeedback

Watch the video explaining Neurofeedback in simple terms. Find explanations and descriptions of many aspects of Neurofeedback. What i s Neurofeedback? What is Biofeedback? These questions are answered here. These definitions were created by the ISNR for the purposes of identifying what Neurofeedback and Biofeedback are and what they are not..

In Defense of Neurofeedback

In response to recent news media outlets which have misrepresented our field, the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) wishes to set the record straight. February 02, 2017 (updated 02-06-2017)

Tool Kit for Neurofeedback as an Evidence Based Treatment for ADHD

Download these resources which can be used to present neurofeedback as an evidence based treatment for ADHD to insurance panels.

Tool Kit for Back to Work During COVID-19

The ISNR Board of Directors recently approved COVID Recommendations and Guidelines.  You may download these documents and videos.

Tool Kit for Home / Remote Training

The ISNR Board of Directors recently approved a Home/Remote Training Best Practices document.  The document addresses some of the methodological, clinical, technical, and legal aspects of HRT NFB.  It will also address the NFB protocols and considerations clinicians will find helpful in providing and overseeing HRT.  You may download this documents.

ISNR Comprehensive Bibliograpy

This is a curated list of articles which meet the following guidelines: all of them are published in an academic, peer-reviewed journal and use neurofeedback as part of the methods. Papers regarding standards and theories associated with neurofeedback, as well as fMRI neurofeedback, Low Energy Neurofeedback Systems, and LORETA are also included.

Recommended Reading List

These books, articles, and re-prints come highly recommended.

Guidelines for Practice

These guidelines are intended to provide a reference to both practicioners and the public with regard to basic methods of delivery of neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback.  These guidelines are an extension of the Code of Ethical Prinicples and Professional Conduct of the ISNR.

Directrices Para Neurofeedback

Estas directrices tienen la intención de proveer una referencia para ambos practicantes y el publico, relacionado con la metodología básica para aplicar el neurofeedback, también conocido como Biofeedback Electroencefalográfico. Estas directrices son una extensión del Codigo de Principios Eticos y Conducta Profesional de la ISNR (Sociedad Internacional para Neurofeedback e Investigación).

ISNR Code of Ethics

Ethics is always a concern for healthcare, both medical and behavioral. ISNR members are required to consistently maintain standards of professional conduct and pursue practice at the highest level of professional ethics, which include values of competence, fairness, honesty, integrity, objectivity, respect and trustworthiness in dealing with others.

ISNR Bylaws

Adopted September 6, 2007

Statement on Human Rights

ISNR and its members are committed to the protection of human rights and adhere to the understanding and application of diversity and social injustice.