ISNR Awards and Past Recipients

The Joel F. Lubar Award

About the Award: The Joel F Lubar Award is presented to those who have made contributions to the International Society for Neuroregulation and Research and the advancement of neurotherapy.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022, Dick Genardi
  • 2021, Michael Thompson (posthumously)
  • 2020, Angelika & Mitch Sadar
  • 2019, Hank Weeks
  • 2018, Mark Trullinger
  • 2017, David Cantor
  • 2016, Richard Soutar
  • 2015, Sarah Prinsloo
  • 2014, Len Ochs
  • 2013, Sebern Fisher
  • 2012, David Trudeau
  • 2011, Judy Crawford
  • 2010, Martijn Arns
  • 2009, Kirtley Thornton and Estate Sokhadze
  • 2008, Robert Coben and Vince Monastra
  • 2007, Susan Shor-Fehmi and Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis

And in previous years: Roger deBeus, Joe Horvat, Ann Marie Horvat, Elsa Baehr, Darlene Nelson, Adam Clarke and Noland White

The Presendential Award of Merit

About the Award: The Presidential Award of Merit is awarded to those members who have shown a very high level of commitment to, and work on behalf, of ISNR.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022, Robert Longo
  • 2021, Tanya Morosoli
  • 2020, Lexi Meinhold
  • 2019, Lauren Sharples
  • 2018, Rob Longo
  • 2017, Terri Collura
  • 2016, Nancy Wigton
  • 2015, None awarded
  • 2014, Sarah Wyckoff
  • 2013, Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis
  • 2012, Leslie Sherlin
  • 2011, Martijn Arns
  • 2010, Larry Hirshberg
  • 2009, Leslie Sherlin
  • 2008, Hank Weeks
  • 2007, Merlyn Hurd

And in previous years: Roger deBeus, Joe Horvat, Ann Marie Horvat, Elsa Baehr, Darlene Nelson, Adam Clarke and Noland White

The M.B. Sterman Career Achievement Award

About the Award: The M.B. Sterman Career Achievement Award (formally The Lifetime Achievement Award) is awarded to those persons who have “thought outside the box, remaining curious about life’s larger questions, while retaining scientific rigor. Through the alchemy of hard work throughout your career, you have generated our current field’s golden foundation. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and today we honor you, one of the giants. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of ISNR, I hereby declare you a Lifetime Member of ISNR.”
nominate to the board

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022, Steve Stockdale
  • 2021, Yuri Kropotov
  • 2020, Mary Lee Esty
  • 2019, Jay Gunkelman
  • 2018, Nancy White
  • 2017, Sebern Fisher
  • 2016, Elsa Baehr, Judy Crawford
  • 2015, NJon Walker
  • 2014, Tom Collura
  • 2013, Dirk de Ridder
  • 2012, D. Corydon Hammond
  • 2011, Adam Clarke
  • 2010, Niels Birbaumer
  • 2009, Robert Thatcher
  • 2008, Roberto Pasqual-Marqui
  • 2007, Les Fehmi

And in previous years: David Trudeau, Tom Budzynski, Joel Lubar, Judith Lubar, Barry Sterman, Margaret Ayers, Joe Kamiya, Hershel Toomim, Karl Pribram and Eugenia Bodenhamer-Davis.

ISNR Fellow(s)

About the Award: ISNR Fellows have (a) met all the requirements for membership, (b) been a member for at least three (3) years, (c) presented to the Board evidence of significant contributions to the Society and its function, and/or exceptional achievement in experimental or clinical neurotherapy, evidence of contributions to the field of neurotherapy, and/or evidence of contributions acceptable to the Board or Fellowship Committee, and (d) been so designated by the Board.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022, Ainat Rogel
  • 2021, Lexi Meinhold and Tato Sokhadze
  • 2020, David Cantor and Sebern Fisher
  • 2019, Adrian Van Deusen, Sarah Wyckoff, and Roger deBeus
  • 2018, Nancy Wigton and Joy Lunt
  • 2017, David Hagedorn
  • 2016, Paul Swingle
  • 2015, Rex Cannon
  • 2014, Randall Lyle
  • 2013, Richard E. Davis
  • 2012, Leslie Sherlin
  • 2011, Tom Collura and Judith Lubar
  • 2010, Ben Reitsma
  • 2009, Thomas Brownback, Sarah Prinsloo and Lawrence Hirshberg
  • 2008, Michael Cohen, Martijn Arns and Wolfgang Keeser
  • 2007, Robert Coben and Marco Congedo
  • 2005, David Kaiser, Tamara Lorensen, Michael Thompson and Lynda Thompson
  • 2004, Roger deBeus
  • 2003, Elsa Baehr

And in previous years: Margaret Ayers, Tom Budzynski, Dan Chartier, Jim Evans, Jay Gunkelman, Bob Gurnee, Cory Hammond, Daniel Hoffman, Joe Horvat, Joe Kamiya, Lynda Kirk, Ted La Vaque, Joel Lubar, Judith Lubar, John Nash, Ellen Saxby, Barry Sterman, Steve Stockdale, David Trudeau, Jonathan Walker, Nancy White

The Joseph and Ann Marie Horvat Distinguished Service Award

About the Award: The Joseph and Ann Marie Horvat Distinguished Service Award is established to recognize members who have served the Society faithfully and with exemplary effort. Nova Tech EEG, Inc with approval of the ISNR Board endowed an award, to be presented annually, to a person who has made an outstanding service contribution to achieving the mission of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) through volunteerism. Across the years many individuals who have represented the organization have instilled in many members and conference attendees a great loyalty to our field and to the organization. Although there were many, two of the most noticeable individuals were Joe and Ann Marie Horvat. With the passing of Joe, who was a friend and colleague, we wanted to honor his memory and the significant amount of time he dedicated to the organization through various board and committee positions. In similar fashion, Ann Marie volunteered a great deal of time for many years with no compensation to support ISNR. We wish to recognize these individuals’ contributions over the years by naming the Distinguished Service Award in their name. Additionally, by recognizing volunteerism and dedication to ISNR we hope to increase the participation by the general membership. This award recognizes service in the areas of board affairs, society membership, committee work, publications or conference presentations, general volunteerism to the society and leadership that has a major impact on the ISNR society and in support of its mission. Recipients receive an engraved plaque.

Previous Recipients:

  • 2022, Rogene Eichler West
  • 2021, Tanya Morosoli
  • 2020, Robert Longo
  • 2019, Noel Ford
  • 2018, Estate (Tato) Sokhadze
  • 2017, Marie Grachus
  • 2016, Sarah Wyckoff
  • 2015, Lexi Meinhold
  • 2014,Dan Williams
  • 2013, Merlyn Hurd
  • 2012, Peder Fagerholm
  • 2011, Hank Weeks
  • 2010, John Carmichael (Research Foundation)
  • 2009, Noland White (Student Fund)
  • 2008, Ann Marie Horvat (Joe Horvat Memorial Research Fund)

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To accommodate the organization’s growing needs, we have decided to move our office to a new location.

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