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Corporate Members:

Bio-medical Instruments, Inc.
Jay Rhody
[email protected]

Lesley Parkinson

Brainworks Neurotherapy
Christine Lavelle
[email protected]

BrainMaster Technologies, Inc.
Bill Mrklas or Terri Collura
440-232-6000, Ext 201
[email protected]

EEG Sales, LLC
Lorrie Cowan
[email protected]

Exsurgo Rehab Limited
Christine Ozolins
[email protected]

Group Psylux
Diane Schaefers
[email protected]

INDY Neurofeedback
Ruthie Just, Owner
[email protected]

Institut Neurosens
Joel Lemaire, President
06 65 45 66 91
[email protected]

Kansas City Neuroplasticity Institute, LLC
[email protected]

Mind Media
+31 (0) 475410123
[email protected]

MiraCare Neurobehavioral Health
[email protected]

Myneurva Holdings, INC
[email protected]

New Pathways Neurofeedback
Suzi C. Phelps, PhD

[email protected]


Ochs Labs
[email protected]

Larry Mynatt
[email protected]

Stens Biofeedback – Stens Corporation
Steve Stern
[email protected]

Swingle Clinic
[email protected]

Tennessee Neurofeedback
[email protected]

Thought Technology Ltd.
Hal Myers
800-361-3651 x139
[email protected]

White Ink Clinic
Iman Shirali, PhD
mailto:[email protected]

2022 Member Directory:

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