Webinar: Neurofeedback Impacts on Pediatric Focal Epilepsy

Webinar: Neurofeedback Impacts on Pediatric Focal Epilepsy


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TITLE: Neurofeedback Impacts Cognition and Quality of Life in Pediatric Focal Epilepsy: An Exploratory Randomized Double-Blinded Sham Controlled Trial

DATE: Friday, June 2, 2023, 12:00noon Eastern time

PRESENTER:  Diana Martinez, MD, PhD, LMHC, BCN

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This lecture will provide the first data on two NFB modalities (SMR and SCP) including cognitive, neurophysiological, and clinical outcomes in pediatric epilepsy. Sensorimotor rhythm NFB improved cognitive functioning, while all the interventions showed improvements in QOL. During the lecture we will discuss and demonstrate the powerful placebo effect that we can observe in the use of these interventions and how can be explain inside the clinical practice and in research. We will uncover the current position of the medical field about neurofeedback to be use for psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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