Tactics of Home Modulation Webinar

Tactics of Home Modulation Webinar


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There are a number of devices that clients can utilize at home to promote self-regulation. These can be done prior to office training, in combination with office training or as ways to fade clients from office training as part of a treatment termination process. It is caring and responsible for clinicians to have these options in their therapeutic toolbox as they are very cost effective and can be very helpful. They can enable us to help some people who cannot afford the money or the time to make it into the office consistently.

We will review the pros and cons of the various approaches utilizing relatively inexpensive devices. A model for the utilization of peripheral and EEG biofeedback, entrainment and stimulation tools will be presented.

Most people know that it would be good for them to meditate, yet few do. Most clinicians have struggled with getting clients to comply with the suggestion to meditate or develop a self-care practice. We will discuss some possible ways to engage clients that has been helpful in increasing compliance with them developing a self-care practice utilizing neuromodulation devices.

The use of therapeutic journaling as part of a self-care process has great benefit. We will discuss a model of doing Alpha/Theta Journaling as a way to help clients expand awareness to facilitate problem-solving and healing.

Presented by: Glenn Weiner, PhD

Date(s): Friday, April 30, 2021

Time: 12noon Eastern time

1 CE credit is available for purchase when attending the live webinar.

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