2-part Webinar: Modifying the Brain in Mild TBI for Mental Health

2-part Webinar: Modifying the Brain in Mild TBI for Mental Health


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Presented by Michael Pierce, DC, DACNB, QEEG-DL
2-part webinar on Friday, April 21st, and Friday, April 28th:  12:00pm Eastern time

The session will be divided into two parts.

Measurement and consideration of brain chemistry deserves at least the same attention that measurement of electrical brainwaves for mental health assessment and prognosis have enjoyed. Mild traumatic brain injury triggers new mental health syndromes and complicates existing ones. The role of the underlying brain chemistry milieu is significant in assessing, supporting and treating mental illness especially in the presence of mTBI. This is a two-hour brief review of current and common integrative referral and lifestyle management issues in brain chemistry and metabolism in two one-hour online sessions designed for mental health professionals with limited scope of practice in physical medicine and diagnosis. Review and familiarity with clinical symptoms, physiologic mechanisms, lab tests and common interventions for everyday mild TBI brain chemistry presentations is discussed, including insulin resistance, toxic exposures, excitotoxicity, antinutrients, neuro-autoimmunity, adrenal dysfunction and sleep, anemias, thyroid and reproductive hormone imbalances, and food sensitivities. Tying physical symptoms to mental symptoms is emphasized. Questions, comments, discussion and cases will be discussed.

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