ISNR Neuromodulation Discussion Group


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Friday, January 14, 2022 at 1:00pm Eastern time zone

Host:  Leslie Sherlin, PhD

The Neuroregulation Networking discussion group is a casual interaction amongst members on a wide variety of topics. Come as you are and bring your input and questions on all things neuroregulation. This group does not have specific themes but instead is an opportunity for you to interact, explore and share. While moderated there is no ’speaker’ and the meeting is aimed to provide a casual yet professional opportunity for members to get together and create community. We’d like to welcome you to this monthly recurring meeting and am sure you’ll find a valuable experience in connecting with others.

Leslie H. Sherlin, PhD, MAC, MSc, LAC, BCN, BCB, ECP, QEEGD, IBQED

To obtain the Zoom invitation, please use THIS LINK to register.  You must be a member of ISNR to attend.

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