Ethics Committee Information

Reviewing unethical conduct and complaints

The Ethics Committee has been working to create a transparent protocol to address any issues that do arise.  Please feel free and safe to contact us if have questions about a particular behavior observed or were a target of discrimination or harassment by an ISNR member.


  1. Please first read ISNR Code of Ethics.
  2. If you think that there was a violation of the ethics code or any other conflict of interest, please fill out the Reporting Form.
  3. We will initially respond within 72 hours.
  4. The Ethics Committee will review the report and response.

We will do our best to keep confidentiality, however, we might have to approach those involved. Our goal for recommendations is to educate and guide professionals, which is a key component of our report.



Ethics Committee Members, ISNR Board of Directors

Ainat Rogel, PhD and Leslie Sherlin, PhD

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