Meet the ISNR Committees

The ISNR does a lot, but it takes a lot of people to make it happen! Chairpersons of each committee are listed below. If you would like to get in touch with them, please click on the chairperson’s name to communicate by e-mail.


Executive Committee

Chaired by the current President of the Board, Ainat Rogel, PhD

Personnel Committee

Chaired by the current President of the Board, Ainat Rogel, PhD

Conference Committee

Chaired by Noel Larson Ford, the Conference Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the annual conference.

Nominations Committee

Chaired by Ainat Rogel, PhD, the Nominations Committee is responsible for seeking out and announcing nominations.

Structure Committee

Chaired by Leslie Sherlin, PhD

Public Relations Committee

Current Chair is vacant

Chaired by Diana Martinez, MD, PhD, the Ethics Committee shall investigate complaints of unethical conduct of members. It is also responsible for establishing and recommending revisions of the Society’s Code of Ethics to the Board.

The ethics committee is committed to maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for all of our members. Please CLICK HERE to file a complaint or to see the process of the investigation.

The Ethics Committee welcome feedback from any ISNR member about our code of ethics or any other ethical issue. If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please contact

Finance Committee

Chaired by the current Treasurer of the Board, Dr. Nicholas Colosi, the Finance Committee is responsible for keeping track of the financial well-being of ISNR.


Membership Committee

Chaired by Tanya Morosoli, MSc, BCN, the Membership Committee is responsible for keeping track of current members and reaching out to new members.

Public Education Committee

(Chair is vacant) The Education Committee is responsible for planning and implementing a continuing education program called ISNR University.

Student Advocacy Committee

Ainat Rogel, PhD chairs the Student Advocacy Committee (SACom) of ISNR.  The SACom acts as a liaison between students and the Society as a whole by sponsoring special meetings and activities and maintaining a student forum. The SACom works to increase both domestic and international student affiliate membership and to foster a lifetime affiliation with ISNR. The mission of the SACom is to attract and retain student members and to serve as a major resource promoting access to the benefits of the student membership in ISNR. Finally, the SACom is an advocate for the issues and concerns of the student affiliate members of ISNR.

Vetting Committee

Chaired by Alissa Paramo, MS, BCN, the Vetting Committee is committed to high standards that assure each vendor and each item being displayed at ISNR conference will meet ISNR criteria for quality, honesty, and reliability. For the list of the criteria, please CLICK HERE.

Vendors – Please CLICK HERE to fill out the vetting form.

Members – We welcome your feedback about any products being displayed at the ISNR conference. Please CLICK HERE to submit your feedback.

Neuroregulation Guidelines Committee

The Neuroregulation Guidelines Committee is Chaired by Dr. Michael Trayford.


Rex Cannon, PhD is the editor of the NeuroRegulation Journal. If you are interested in submitting research articles to this publication, please contact Rex Cannon, PhD.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for designing, updating, and maintaining the ISNR website and social media campaigns.