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Electromedical Products International, Inc. Announces Retirement of Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, the Inventor of Alpha-Stim

The inventor of Alpha-Stim, Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, has announced his retirement after a 40-year career in electromedicine. Dr. Kirsch, a neurobiologist, introduced Alpha-Stim to …

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ISNR Board Member Transition, Advisory Board and International Advisory Board Introduction

To view the current ISNR Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and International Advisory Board, please visit THIS LINK. Please join us in welcoming the incoming …

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A Letter from the ISNR President

Colleagues, As the fall is upon us and winter approaches, like all of you, the Board is ready to usher in a new year filled …

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Italian Society for Neurofeedback and QEEG (SINQ)

The primary objectives that the founding members have set themselves since the preliminary meetings are the dissemination of Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) and Neurofeedback. One of …


ISNR 2020 Conference Information

Dear ISNR Members, About 30 days ago, our organization took a step forward and hosted our first virtual conference. Instead of shying away from the …

David Cantor, PhD
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From the ISNR President

From the President This is my last message for our ISNR Newsletter as we look ahead into a new year for ISNR. Needless to say, …

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Call for Nominations

ISNR appreciates your support and dedication to the field of neurofeedback. We are now calling on you to provide a little more support: ISNR is …

Nicholas J. Colosi, M.D.
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Please meet ISNR’s Interim Treasurer, Dr. Nicholas Colosi

Please meet ISNR’s Interim Treasurer, Dr. Nicholas Colosi.  Nick has been a member of ISNR since 2009 and has enjoyed attending the ISNR conferences with …

Theresa Hubbard LMFT (MO), LCMFT (KS), ACCH
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Please meet ISNR’s Interim Member-at-Large for ISNR, Theresa Hubbard

Please meet ISNR’s Interim Member-at-Large for ISNR, Theresa Hubbard.  As Dr. Lucas Koberda needed to step down from his position on the ISNR Board of …

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ISNR Nominations are Open for the ISNR Board of Directors for 2020/2021

The following positions will be available for nomination of candidates to the ISNR Board for the service year of 2020/2021: President Elect: The President-elect shall …

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